Auto Wheel and Painting

The crowning glory of any vehicle is the quality of work done when applying the final coat of paint. Many reasons will lead you to decide on a new coat of paint. Most importantly, after a collision, it is always necessary for a coat of paint on the affected area.


To maintain the gloss appearance of your car, we recommend that after car painting.

  • Wash your vehicle regularly with a soft cloth or sponge
  • Four to six weeks after a new paint job, apply a thin layer of automotive wax on your car every 3-4 months
  • Repair chips and scratches before they start to rust
  • Invest in the manufacturer’s recommended touch-up pain oft

Our certified technicians have the experience to match the colors to make the new paint job fuse easily with the rest of the car. We also have a wide array of tire management services.

Car painting is our specialty, and we achieve quality finish working with

A Clean Surface

With the desire to achieve an even result, our painters work to have a clean surface removing all grease, dirt, and other materials from the body to attain an immaculate finish.

Computerized Color Mixing

To make sure that a car looks magnificent and have that factory finish, we expertly mix the base coat to match the vehicle’s color and spray the vehicle or truck with that exact match. We leave the basecoat to dry evenly away from direct sunlight after which we apply the top coat. To give the elegant gloss finish, we apply the clear coat and for any blemishes, our painters lightly sand and polish the surface to shine.

Our certified painters have the expertise in auto body repair, scratches dent, and collision repairs. At pocket-friendly prices, we have various packages for car painting and our customer care representatives will help you go through them.

We also offer a wide array of wheel services such as flat tire service (